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The Story of Peanut

- Did you know that your cat can be a blood donor?

Read this heartfelt story to learn more. [Approx. 3 minute read]

Sometimes, when you meet a cat there’s an immediate connection. There’s no logical explanation for it: maybe we fall for that toddling walk and cute meow, or maybe it’s the cat who chooses us. No matter what causes it, it’s the connection that’s important, and you can’t resist taking him home with you.

Peanut was one of those cats.

We were looking to expand our cat cafe family, which means kittens! One that stood out to us was this lovely little black kitten, who looked like a cute little gremlin and had tons of personality. But there was a deeper connection with Peanut, his earnest eyes caught mine and I fell in love with him straight away. Even from the beginning, he was becoming one of my favourites.

Despite his small size and fragile frame, he was a brave kitten, and full of life. He was the runt of the litter however, and would have struggled in the cafe – so he stayed with me at home while he grew stronger.

After a week or so of having him, I woke suddenly at 6am to Peanut lying on the floor struggling to stand, vomiting. I knew Peanut was dying, but I didn't know why. I took him to the vet immediately; it was obvious to them the moment I called to explain, Peanut was in critical condition and needed to be hospitalised. They said to save his life, he’d need a blood transfusion.

Something I had never heard of.

When I arrived at Langford Vets Small Animal Referral Hospital, the vets were prepared and whisked him off for treatment immediately. It was like a scene from a movie - everything was happening so quickly while I was unable to hold myself together worrying about Peanut’s survival.

[Sitting in the hospital, waiting for the news about Peanut’s condition.]

Luckily, Peanut survived. I left him in amazingly professional hands, and the vets saved him. They were extremely lucky to find a blood donor exactly when Peanut needed it most. Without immediate intervention and the kind donor, he would never have made it; I’ll be forever grateful for the hard work of the vets and the sweet cat that donated the blood that saved his life.

[Peanut after successful blood transfusion]

I found this hard to write even now, as it reminds me of the emotions I went through that day. I believe that anyone with a cat they dearly love can empathise - the news that your cat is dying is absolutely devastating.

While Peanut is still with us, there are thousands of cats out there who need donations and the supply is low. Too few people know about the life-saving donation process – We hope to raise awareness among cat owners that their precious feline could help save another cat’s life.

That’s why we want to raise awareness and call for action.

If you have a cat and would like to check if she’s an eligible donor, please ask your local vet. Some cats are not suited for being blood donors due to size or health issues and the process can be stressful for some, but your vet can evaluate your cat and check if he meets the criteria.

Also, you can always ask us for more information before talking to your vet. Please contact us at for more information or talk to a member of staff in the cafe, we are always happy to help.

Having experienced this process with Peanut and watching his transformation from a sickly kitten to a stunning young adult all thanks to a transfusion has inspired us to spread awareness as far as possible.

Let’s save some cats!

Much love.


(You&Meow's owner, & Peanut's number-one fan.)


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