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The Life, Learnings & Departure of Zen Master Odie.

Hi Hooman,

My name is Odie, nice to meet you.

I am so happy to share with you my happy moments from my stay at You&Meow, & the reasons for my departure.

If you have never met me before, I am the last resident of my former cat family who started the journey of my home, You&Meow. All of my brothers & sisters have already moved on, but I decided to stick around for longer. It has been my third year here. I am a loyal boy, you know.

In a nutshell, I am a shy, zen nature boy, but became famous fast. I quickly discovered that ''butt puts'' or ''cat massage'' are my favourite things, hence being watched in my joyful moments made hoomans very happy. I have so much love to give & share, so seeing hoomans happy, made me happy. Simple things, you know.

I am proud to say I have been dealing with my fame very well, and I am still well mannered & loving to all my cat family. Despite being the oldest, I have never been in my ego, never been interested in an alpha position. I am very Zen, peaceful boy. I believe my calm nature has helped me to enjoy my stay here for so long. I am very gentle at managing cat politics, you know.

So! I am sure you're curious about my life here. Let me share with you my experiences & lessons! I have seen so much, I have learnt so much, oh...

I always loved to help out & take care of my younger brothers & sisters. I would wash them, sometimes cuddle them & sometimes wrestle up with them to prepare them for life. I even got a nickname, uncle Odie as I was always so good with the fluffs (my mum enjoyed calling me in Japanese: Odie Ojisan).

Some cute pic of my brother from another mother, bowtiethomas. Give him some love here.

Sometimes, my home would be so busy & famous. In these moments I would lie down on my favourite cushion in the middle of my home & looked cute, to help to bring more serenity amongst all. You&Meow was always about tranquillity, and I liked to promote calming vibezzz for my hoomans.

Here is some cute picture of me chillin' on the rug in my early days. I know, I was cute.

As I matured, I became a Sensei. If you are a regular visitor of my home, most likely you would find me relaxing on my chair, with my VIP pillow. I never liked it when someone would try to steal my chair. I would only move when being called by my mum Ewa.

Through this experience, I have learnt how to maintain a diplomatic attitude while hoomans trying to steal my favourite seat. I would simply pretend I sleep. My seat, you know.

I have seen 23 of my fellow friends leaving my home. Sometimes it would get very hard as I made some solid bonds & meaningful connections. However, with time, you get better & more loving towards the process. I call it detachment, & feel pretty enlightened when I am saying this, you know.

But one person I cannot let go of is my mum. I have adopted her a long time ago, after three months of being at You&Meow. Something just clicked in, you know, and I have been following her since.

However, in the last year, I liked to rest more, just feeling more sleepy, you know. And would only be curious about my surroundings when my mum would be around. But she works more outside of my home, on You&Meow, instead of being at my home. I started to miss her a lot, you know. I was very patient, but I slowly felt ready for my great transition. So started meowing & following my mum even more, so it became apparent I am ready.

I encouraged her to take a bold decision to have a third cat - me. She decided to make it special for me & my current home You&Meow, to take me for my home's third anniversary.

So, it's happening hoomans. I am leaving this Friday the 6th. I will miss my home & my loyal hoomans very much, but now I am finally ready to join my homies Aya&Peanut who have already graduated from my beloved You&Meow, and are expecting my arrival. I used to like Aya a lot & miss her fluff, and I hope to play some toys with Peanut. I am so excited to start my new adventure with them. Check 'em out below.

Aya, aka da Boss or Princess Fluffy

Peanut, aka Piggy

But please do know, I will miss you all & my mum will keep you all posted on my new adventures.

Meow, meow. Furrever yours,


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