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Hi guys ♥. I know there are cat loving people still visiting You&Meow's page, I thought I would take this opportunity and share my product with you. If you are into natural candles, appreciate honest and plant-based products, this relaxing catnip candle might be just for you (and your cat too).  - Ewa x

Pure Essential Oil

Pure essential oils are extracted from plants, meaning are natural and healthy. Opposite to fragrances, which contain toxic chemicals,.

Natural wax 

Vegetable wax being used,

 as a natural, healthy alternative to paraffin candles, because when paraffin candles burn, they emit toxic fumes.

Eco - friendly

Candle containers which you can reuse. Conscious packaging, just enough to ship safely, rather than over-packaging and adding to an extra, unnecessary waste.

Safe for cats

Some essential oils are toxic for cats, however catnip is healthy and actually really good for them. So both, you and your cat can be chillin' and relaxing.

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