I can't make it to my booking, can I cancel?

Yes, of course! You can receive a full refund, but you must give us a minimum: - 24 hours notice for a cancellation of your ''General Admission'' booking - 36 hours notice for a cancellation of your ''Afternoon Tea'' booking. With any less notice, or in the instance of a no-show, your payment is non-refundable.

How do you allocate seating?

We have two seating areas: 1 - Zen Corner - Japanese-style low seating/pouffes (not recommended if you suffer from back issues) 2 - Standard Area - Normal chairs. We will allocate your seating automatically, however if you would like to request specific seating, please leave a note during your booking process online on our website so that we can reserve a suitable table. Please be aware that naughty cats may steal chairs and sit on them if you leave them unattended :)

Are children allowed to visit?

Please be aware that children below age of 10 are prohibited from entering the cafe and we do not make any exceptions to this rule. This is our legal requirement due to our cats' welfare.

Can we bring along treats for the cats?

Please do not bring any food or treats for our cats, as they are fed a healthy and balanced diet according to their individual needs.

Can I arrange a visit for more than four people at once?

If you would like to make a reservation for more than four people or arrange exclusive café hire, please contact us directly at We cannot accommodate group bigger than 4 people at one time without prior contact.

Is the café wheelchair accessible?

Our café floor is accessible to wheelchair users - however there is a small step at the entrance of the café. This can be easily overcome with some assistance, which we are happy to provide alongside with our ramp available upon your request. Our toilets are located on a lower floor only accessible via stairs, so unfortunately our toilets are not accessible by wheelchairs.

Is there a parking space?

The nearest car park is Trenchard Street NCP, which is a 5 minute walk to You&Meow. Whilst there is parking on Denmark Street, it is very limited & can be frustrating to try to park on. Both of these parking options incur parking fees.

I have 9 Lives Card. How do I use it?

1. If you have 9 Lives Card, please proceed with your online reservation as normal. Once arrived our memebr of staff will stamp your card and balance your payment. Either by arranging a refund back to your card or you can use your online payment in exchange for drinks / cakes in the cafe. Please be aware 9 Lives Card can be used Monday-Friday only.

I have full Loyalty Card. How do I use it?

If you have filled up your Loyalty Card and would like to use your 9th, free visit please proceed with your online reservation as normal. Once arrived our memebr of staff will stamp your card and will refund your entrance fee back to your card. Additionaly you will receive a free cake and drink on us as a part of your free 9th visit & being our loyal customer! :)


22 Denmark Street, Bristol, BS1 5DQ


Dear Customers, 

Due Covid-19 we are now permanently closed.

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